Major Functions of Human Resource Department

The Human Resources department (HR) generally executes activities designed to train and train the employees of the organization, to deal with performance problems or to help promote an employee to a managerial position.

An effective human resources department can help your organization meet the needs of the company by managing the most valuable assets of the company: its employees. As small businesses generally do not have a dedicated human resources department, they can achieve the same level of efficiency and work management by outsourcing these five basic human resources functions.

Compensation & Benefits

The Compensation and Benefits Function is the most important and vital human resource process for any organization. It is about creating compensation structures and evaluating competitive payment practices in the market. Compensation and benefits are related to the management of personnel expenses, the identification of performance standards, the establishment of clear compensation policies and the introduction of competitive advantages for employees. Payroll is an important part of the compensation and benefits function, but in many cases, organizations outsource administrative functions such as payroll.


Recruitment involves recruiting, evaluating and hiring the most qualified candidate for a vacancy. The success of recruiters is measured by the number of positions they occupy and the time it takes to fill a particular position. The main task of the recruiters is to announce job offers, request candidates, conduct interviews and coordinate recruitment efforts with the human resources managers responsible for the final selection of candidates.


Providing a safe work environment for all employees is another fundamental function of the Human Resources department. In accordance with the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) Act of 1970, the primary responsibility of employers is to provide a safe work environment for employees. In addition, human resources security experts often work directly with specialists in human resource benefits to manage workers’ compensation issues in the organization.

Labor Relations

Relationships with employees are a human resources discipline aimed at strengthening the relationship between employers and employees by measuring employee commitment, job satisfaction and conflict resolution in the workplace. Relationships with employees can also include the development of management response to union organizing campaigns, the resolution of collective bargaining agreements and the interpretation of concerns about union contracts.

Training and development

Training and development are one of the key functions of human resources. Most organizations see training and development as an integral part of the human resources development activity. Training means providing employees with detailed advice to help them move to a new organizational culture. For successful training, HR managers should plan activities after a thorough needs analysis and focus on certain skills. There are two main types of employee training: at work and outside of work. On-the-job training refers to the training that takes place in the work facilities. This means that the training is given while the employees are at work. The training of the company is carried out in a place far from the real work environment. He often uses role-playing games, lectures, simulation, case studies and many other similar techniques.

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